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What To Know If Your Hard Work And Effort Are Unappreciated

Are you frustrated currently?  Are you giving everything you’ve got to your family, your career, your craft, or your community and no one seems to appreciate it?  No one seems to care.  We’ve all been there.

This week I was reminded of one of life’s great lessons – If you are performing with excellence and delivering quality in the various disciplines of your life, you are already a success.  It simply hasn’t shown up yet.  There is often an incubation period to success and the appreciation you long to receive.  No one truly knows why but that is often the case.  Patience is the soil that sustainable leadership is planted in. 

Here’s what happened.  Sports Illustrated provided a link to an article I wrote on June 10th of last year called “I Love Working With You“.  This was a post I wrote on Boston Celtics point guard Rajon Rondo that at the time I was very proud of.  However, the readers did not flock to it and it received only minimal traffic.

With the link from SI, it received tremendous traffic nine months after it was originally written.  I then went back and researched three articles that did not make a significant impact initially.

I hope this encourages you.  Keep doing a great job.  Keep delivering excellence and quality.  People are taking notice.  You just don’t realize it. 

Success is probably just around the corner.  It just hasn’t shown up yet…but it’s coming.