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10 Things Church Visitors Never Want to Hear

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There are 10 things church visitors never want to hear, so why not help our church folks learn NOT to say them?

You’ve been a church visitor at some point, right?

Ever heard something you wish you didn’t hear, right off the bat?

I’ve got a few nobody really wants to hear. Some I’ve heard personally. Others I’ve heard as they were told to someone else.

Church visitors never want to hear:

1. Our pastor isn’t normally this ________.

Insert whatever you want in this blank: loud, obnoxious, offensive, long-winded.

If you have to explain part of your pastor’s style because you know outsiders won’t like it, you’ve got a problem. Talk with your pastor about that.

2. We’re full. Sorry.

Always have a backup plan. Always.

If someone sees your service is full once, they’ll deal with it. But they probably won’t come back if they don’t see a plan you have in place.

3. What are you doing here?

Never say this. Never. Your shocked, open mouth reveals your judgmental spirit…at least in the eyes of visitors.

When you say this, all they can think is, “God couldn’t really love someone like you.”

4. You can’t serve now…you’ve got to be a member first.

Why would someone want to become a member if they’ve never had the chance to serve?

5. We don’t believe in serving coffee on Sunday mornings.

If you say this, I can only assume you are leading a church in the pit of Hell.