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Francis Chan: If Everyone Knew How to Read the Bible, It Would Change Church as We Know It

If you’ve been wondering how to read Scripture, Francis Chan shares in the video about the best gift he’s been given. He received it when he was 15 when a pastor taught him “how to read the Bible for myself.” And now, Chan shares, he’s made major, life-altering decisions with just him and the book.

Tim Mackie of The Bible Project says something similar about the best gift he’s received. A teacher taught him to see how “every book of the Bible fits together as a unified story that leads to and points to Jesus.” This teacher also taught him to read the Bible for himself and learn from it.

Chan says he’s frustrated about all the talk surrounding different speakers and the words they’ve spoken and the lack of talk surrounding what someone has learned for him or herself from the Bible. What would the church look like, Chan asks, “if everyone who showed up on a Sunday morning actually spent the whole week, everyday, alone with God?” Chan believes that would change everything.

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