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Pastors on Easter Be Like…

…Everyone needs to have their phones out because I will have some very tweetable quotes this morning.

…The Easter basket is full but the tomb is empty!

…God can put your life back together if it’s in pieces, but some of you all are focused on Reeses

…We need more diversity up on that stage!

…No! The youth pastor cannot do the announcements.

…Remember that one minority guy that came that one time?  Can we get him to do the announcements?

…We don’t want visitors to feel uncomfortable at any time but we will ask them to fill out a connect card along with their kids’ names and ages

…I don’t care what size the stage is! I need a rapper, a full choir, and six men dressed as Roman centurions.

…Why would you even ask about the worship set list? It’s Jesus Paid It All, In Christ Alone, and Christ is Risen!

…Can we get that other worship leader who is a little more attractive?

…Is this the best greeting team we have?  Who trained these people? Please, can you please not be weird? Can we put her near the auxiliary door?

…Quit your ministry and please move these people out of here! We have another service starting in fifteen minutes!

…Please do not put pressure on our visitors to give, but please invite them back so they can be here for our new series on giving.

Aren’t we glad that the real account of Easter is one of God who came in the flesh, lived the life for us that we could never live, to pay a debt that we could never pay, and to rise from the dead having victory over our sin. That, my friend, is good news to receive in the midst of the tragic chaos of our sin and our modern-day worship practices.