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These Easter Bloopers Will Make You All the More Thankful for Grace

These Easter Bloopers Will Make You All the More Thankful for Grace

Easter is a time when we remember what Jesus has done for us through His death and resurrection. But the reality is sometimes our best efforts to remind people of the beauty of this story…go terribly awry.

And the reality is also that sometimes when this happens, it is hilarious. Here are four videos of churches that had a few mishaps during their Easter services.

You’ve Never Seen an Entrance Like This

It’s clear that the people participating in this Easter performance have wholeheartedly embraced the mantra, “The show must go on!” The video picks up the Easter story with Jesus dead in the tomb as a man from the congregation performs a song as a way of narrating what is happening.

As the music begins to crescendo, the singer proclaims Jesus’ victory and light starts coming from behind the tomb’s door. The only problem is that then the both the tomb and the door catch on fire. You can hear someone in the audience exclaim, “Uh oh! Go get it, go get it!” A man runs from the pews onstage just as the flaming door of the tomb flies open and the actor playing Jesus emerges from the burning tomb with his arms raised as though nothing unusual were happening.

The best part is the singer continues singing undisturbed, proclaiming “He is risen!” while the man from the congregation runs off the stage with the flaming tomb door and the audience cheers and applauds. Jesus continues crossing the stage dramatically as the singer perseveres in his song right to the very end. Meanwhile people from the congregation finally put out the flames with a fire extinguisher. After the song concludes, a man who is presumably the pastor says, “This has got to be the most exciting Easter I’ve ever had…You know the most exciting thing? I think we’re going to get new carpet!”

Hopefully, You’ve Never Seen (or Experienced) an Exit Like This

In this video, it seems that the actor playing Jesus was unaware he was going to not only be ascending into heaven but also rotating as he did so. From the front, he appears to be wearing a long, white robe, but as the cables cause him to turn, everyone can see that all he is really wearing is basically his underwear. #embarassing

Maybe He Needs a Doctor?

This next one is a little painful to watch. The mood is quite serious as people re-enact nailing Jesus to the cross to the somber singing of a choir. But as they raise the cross with the man playing Jesus attached to it, he turns out to be inadequately attached. As soon as they stand the cross upright, the actor falls to the ground with a thud as watching crowd gasps. The choir continues singing as men awkwardly try to get Jesus back on the cross and a woman keeps whispering, “Take him out!”

Not Quite the Object Lesson He Was Planning

In this last video, a pastor has a fake coffin set upright on stage for an object lesson. As he expounds on the fact that the members of his church are going to die one day, but that Jesus has defeated death, he walks into the coffin and holds the lid over it as he continues preaching. Then coffin tips over. Someone from the church apparently edited the rest of the video to make it an amusing lesson about the importance of persevering after falling down.

If nothing else, these videos are a good reminder of how messy life can be and how we could all use a little grace!