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Everyone Admitted to Tim Tebow’s Hospital Hears the Gospel

Have you ever heard of Tim Tebow’s CURE Hospital?

Tim Tebow has practically become a household name. Millions of people have followed his journey from being a quarterback for the University of Florida, his brief stints in the NFL, his work as a football commentator, and now as baseball player within the New York Mets organization.

What most Tebow fans may not know is that Tebow started the Tim Tebow Foundation in 2010. This foundation exists to “show God’s love to children around the world.” In the following video, Tebow shares a poignant story of the events that lead to its founding. Tebow is the son of missionaries to the Philippines, so his heart for missions and philanthropy began at a young age.

Tebow recounts the story of Jocy, a little girl from the Philippines, who was severely burned in a house fire and left with very little hope of a normal life. The accident occurred when she was two years old, and for the next three years, her mother went from clinic to clinic asking for help but receiving no solutions. Jocy’s condition got increasingly worse, to the point where it prevented her from going to school. Amazingly, people at the Tebow CURE Hospital in Davao City found out about her situation and arranged for her to be helped in their facility.

The care that the hospital provides is not only physical but also spiritual. Every patient who is cared for in the Tebow CURE Hospital hears about the good news of Jesus Christ.

After finally receiving the surgery she needed, Jocy can now use her right arm and hand, and her smile is absolutely infectious.

“Every single person is worth it. They are worth love. They are worth us giving what we have for them,” Tebow says in the video.

The words of these paragraphs cannot do justice to this visual testimony of God’s goodness. Watch and be encouraged.