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Carl Lentz: You Not Liking the Truth Doesn’t Change the Truth

Justin Bieber may be known the world over, but not as many people know about the pastor who has had a significant influence on him. That person is Carl Lentz, who is the leader of Hillsong Church in New York. In the following video, Pastor Lentz exhorts Christians to trust God’s commitment to His people, even when they don’t feel like it.

Lentz acknowledges that we may not always like the truth, but that doesn’t change the truth. Whether you believe it or not, there are a few non-negotiables in God’s kingdom:

God is with you

God is good

God is for you

We need a Shepherd

“Have you ever walked into church and someone has said the right thing to you but it’s at the wrong time and it’s just really annoying?” Lentz asks. It’s hard to hear the truth of God sometimes, but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s true.

As much as we think we can do life on our own and that we can operate by our own wisdom, the truth remains that all of us need a shepherd. The world will try to convince us that we can be our own god and do our own thing, Lentz warns. But the fact remains that we need a shepherd in a world that is at odds with God’s glory. We need a shepherd as we engage in war with the enemy. “Psalm 23 only matters if God is your shepherd,” Lentz says.

Thankfully, we have an ever-present, good, and committed shepherd. Watch the video and be encouraged as you remember the truth that God is a good Shepherd who cares about his people. No matter what we are going through or the battles we face, God has promised to walk with us through those trials and battles. He is a good Shepherd.