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Louie Giglio on Taking Risks: If the Church Doesn’t Take Risks, Goliath Will Never Fall

Louie Giglio on taking risks

Louie Giglio knows something about taking risks. He founded the Passion Conferences with his wife, Shelley, in 1997. The motivation behind the Passion Movement is to help young people experience an encounter with Jesus that will create a “180” change in life direction. In 2009, the Giglios planted Passion City in Atlanta. Louie and Shelley have a desire to see their neighborhood and the world come to know the grace we have found in Jesus.

Key Questions for Louie Giglio on Taking Risks:

How can we help people move beyond a consumer-oriented mentality of Jesus?

Most pastors will tell you don’t struggle with addiction, but how might a giant like that appear in other ways?

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Key Quotes from Louie Giglio on Taking Risks:

“Our freedom and God’s glory are woven together. They’re inextricably linked together.”

“The Bible isn’t about me. The Bible is the story of God from beginning to end; it’s the story of God.”

“What are you bringing into worship—not just what do you get out of it.”

“I think that the change agent that really blew everything apart for me was when I came to realize that life is not about me. Life is about Jesus.”

“Life is short. God is big.”

“We celebrate a gospel which required a man to give everything he had and the utmost sacrifice while we sit in the comfort of our own decisions to lead good, happy, and safe and normal lives and those two things do not resonate ultimately.”

“God puts us in uncertainties so that he can lead us into his purposes and plans sometimes.”

“God is in charge of stewardship; we are in charge of faithfulness.”

“In the body of Christ, you don’t have to agree with every single thing about everybody, but if your brothers and sisters are following Jesus and trying to make an impact in the world, celebrate them. Encourage them. Write them a note.”

“Addiction is really when our heart needs something other than Jesus.”

“A lot of pastors are leading churches like General Patton roaring through the desert. They’ve got this addiction to….the power they’ve got.”

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