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Lisa Bevere: How to Lead without Rival

Lisa Bevere

Lisa Bevere is an author and international speaker. She and her husband, John, started their ministry, Messenger International, in 1990. The mission of Messenger International is to transform the nations through God’s word. Lisa has written several books, including Without Rival: Embrace Your Identity and Purpose in an Age of Confusion and Comparison.

Key Questions:

Why do you think we have such a problem with rivalry today?

Do you think the world is doing a better job at gender equality than the church is?

You work a lot with millennials. What is something you’ve noticed Christian millennials struggle with as they try to walk out their faith?

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Key Quotes:

“No one has ever been created like us to represent God to this earth. We have a unique mandate on our lives…how God loves us is a unique declaration of who he is.”

“Rivalries are robbing the body of Christ of creativity and the originality that God has for us.”

“I’m seeing a generation being robbed because of rivalries. I’m seeing myself being robbed because of rivalries.”

“I think a lot of people are settling for what they can provide in their own strength and settling for what they think they deserve.”

“Abraham gave God permission to do something with his nothing.”

“As a mother, I want more for my sons and daughters than I ever had for myself. As a mentor, I’m going to reproduce myself.”

“I do not feel that you should ever add value to one gender by detracting it from the other.”

“Right now we have a culture that mocks the men and sexualizes the women.”

“God created woman as the answer to the very first problem. And that very first problem was ‘It is not good for the man to be alone.’”

“It is so easy to point out what is wrong with the church. It is hard to figure out what is right.”

“We’re called to be bedside to the world, rather than in bed with the world. And when you can’t see a difference between us and the world, then we’re in bed with the world.”

“I think this generation saw the absolutes of legalism and responded with licentiousness and grace being some kind of cover…”

“Because God doesn’t condemn us, we say to people ‘Now you have the power to go and sin no more.'”

Mentioned in the Show:

WithoutRival.com (Download the first two chapters of the book)
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