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Brian Houston: How to See God’s Gifting in Your Life

Brian Houston

Brian Houston is the Global Senior Pastor of Hillsong Church, a global family of congregations comprising more than 100,000 weekly attendees. Considered by many as a leading voice in the shaping of contemporary leadership values and church culture; Brian is highly regarded for his bold innovation and passion for the local church.

Key Questions for Brian Houston:

– Did you ever envision the success Hillsong has had?
– How do we put limitations on ourselves in fulfilling God’s purpose?
– What do you mean by the “power of receptivity.”

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Key Quotes from Brian Houston:

“We could never, never, never have imagined what was ahead for Hillsong.”

“We started our church in a suburb on the fringe of Sydney. We were just hoping that people would turn up next week. We certainly weren’t thinking of Grammys or Hollywood movies.”

“We’re quicker to see God’s gifting in other people’s lives than we are in our own life.”

“Most people, including many pastors and leaders, underestimate the way God sees them.  God is the ultimate big thinker. Sometimes our greatest small thinking is about ourselves.”

“We’ve all got our own journey but the idea of God having more for us applies to all of us….whether it looks like mine or very different from mine, I still believe the principle that God saves us and calls us.”

“I love living life around people who are wide-eyed, they are receptive.  They’re not closed books.”

“Receptivity opens doors for us. I want to live my life like that, I want to live wide-eyed, appreciative; learning always, curious. I think it’s a key to the more that God has for people.”

“We started having challenges the first week because our church got smaller every week for the first month or two.”

“We’ve always had to overcome others people’s cynicism and sometimes the loudest voices of cynicism are inside us, not just from around us.”

“When we have criticism, it comes down to reminding ourselves of the criticism over the years that God has brought us through…and not only brought you through but made you a better person because of it…..nothing gets wasted in serving God.”

“Life is about faithfulness. It is a daily decision, step by step and winning the small battles and the small victories.”

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