Jon Sanders: Embrace Your Small Town, Don’t Try to Escape It

Jon Sanders

Jon Sanders is the pastor of a multi-site church in Flandreau, South Dakota. His vision is  to reach rural America and assist other pastors ministering in small towns. Jon is also the founder of the Small Town Big Church Network, a resource for pastors in rural settings. He and his wife Jessica have three children

Key Questions for Jon Sanders:

– What does the multi-site model look like in small towns?
– How do you overcome the lack of resources in a small church setting?
– How can pastors in small towns overcome a desire to move on to something larger?

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Key Quotes from Jon Sanders:

“I thought it would take a lifetime to accomplish the goals I had set. God did it in five years.”

“We’re not the well-funded army, we’re the ragtag bunch of minutemen just getting it done in the smaller setting.”

“My life stands as evidence that God does not call the equipped…He equips the called.”

“Pastors view the rural landscape as something to be escaped rather than something to be embraced.”

“Your ministry is valid…God is not put off by the small number on the population sign on the outside of your town.”

“The multi-site church lets me have the best of both worlds. I can do ministry in the smaller context…but it scratches that entrepreneurial itch to take the next hill.”

“Anytime God gives you a vision, you already can’t afford it. God is going to provide.”

“Your resources are always going to be limited…you have to be creative.”

“We were courageous to obey God…God writes way bigger stories than we can.”

“When you step out in obedience and give God room to work….he’ll give you the desires of your heart.”

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