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Alan Briggs: How to Overcome ‘Pastor Overwhelm’

Alan Briggs

Alan Briggs is the director of Frontline Church Planting, Multiplying Pastor at Vanguard Church in Colorado Springs, Colorado, and Lead Creative at Stay Forth Designs where he equips leaders and teams for health and kingdom impact. He’s a proud dad of four and a missionary to his neighborhood and city. His books “Staying Is the New Going,” “Guardrails” and “Everyone’s a Genius” help leaders catch a bigger vision for their life.


Key Questions for Alan Briggs:

– How can pastors manage expectations—both internal and external?

– What questions do pastors need to ask themselves before they get to the burn out point?

– What advice can you give pastors of small churches that wear a lot of hats?

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Key Quotes from Alan Briggs:

“Pastors today are supposed to be anything from theologian to inspirational speaker to counselor. The amount of things that are loaded on us…is crazy.”

“Frustration is always a product of expectations unmet.”

“My favorite definition of a leader is someone who disappoints others at a rate they can handle.”

“I don’t think we need any more stories of leaders [failing morally] in the news to believe that our paradigm of leadership–the way we lead and experience life–is upside down. It’s jacked up.”

“Jesus was able to jump in a boat and get away from the crowds and get back to leadership development with his boys; I think we need to be able to find those outlets as well.”

“I think we’re on the edge of a health revolution…I think we’re realizing that throughout culture, from the way people eat and exercise and in the church we realize there’s this missing component of health.”

“We must choose health over impact.”

“If God’s spinning the world on his finger just fine without us, then that’s an invitation to be human and have limits and boundaries.”

“The [moral failure] is devastating when we see those, but I think it’s even more devastating to see people toward burn out in a slow fade, falling out of love with their relationship with Jesus and their practices, falling out of love with their spouses, falling out of love with the church, slowly.” 

“One of the greatest things about ministry is we have a lot of freedom and autonomy with our schedules. One of the worst things about ministry is we have a lot of freedom and autonomy with our schedules.”

“If we start with the statement ‘we can never pull it off’, that becomes a prophetic statement for our life.”

“We actually can’t do healthy leadership long term without a team.”

“It doesn’t all rise and fall on us.”

“We think innovation comes from excess but innovation comes from limits.”


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