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Mark DeYmaz: Tithing Is Not Enough If Churches Want to Survive

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Mark DeYmaz is a pastor, theologian and author of The Coming Revolution in Church Economics: Why Tithes and Offerings Are No Longer Enough and What to Do About It. Mark is the founding pastor of Mosaic Church in Central Arkansas and the co-founder of the Mosaix Global Network. He also serves as an adjunct professor at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary and Wheaton College. Mark has been married to Linda for 25 years, and they have four children.

Key Questions for Mark DeYmaz

-What are the shifting realities that churches relying on tithes and offerings will face in the next couple of decades?

-What would you say to people who disagree with talking about the church as an “economic system”? 

-How do local churches that are already strained economically successfully share the gospel through economics?

-How does a church plant actually make an impact on an urban area on its own?

Key Quotes from Mark DeYmaz

“The fact is, the church is an economic system, and it depends on butts in the seat, as pastors like to call it.”

Millennials do not trust institutions the way people born before 1964 do, nor do they give money in bulk sums to those institutions…When they give, they tend to spread that giving out.”

“Getting more people to church will never be enough because of generational shifts in the church in approaches to giving.”

“In this day and age, the church, like most families, is going to require multiple streams of income for funding going forward.” 

“The message we’re talking about today is fundamentally theological at its core.”

“We’re intentional in our worship, we’re intentional in our discipleship—we had better be intentional about our economics, and there is nothing wrong and everything right about that.”

“I have it on good authority that the American Church right now is sitting on billions and billions of dollars of buried assets.” 

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