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Josh Gagnon: How to Make Your Church Fit Your Community

“I would always just encourage church leaders, ‘Stay in your lane. Be faithful to what God has called you to.’”

“Leaders that can contextualize the gospel to where they are without forfeiting being relevant…I really believe over the long run, that authenticity is going to be what leads more people to the Kingdom.”

“Having a vision is great, but what’s more important in my opinion is having a culture that elevates the vision.” 

“If you say ‘campus’ in New England, everybody thinks ‘college.’”

“You have to have leaders in place that are going to echo the same tune across all locations. That is very vital.”

“You can’t back out of who it is you’re shepherding. No good shepherd does that. But you can hand off everybody from this point forward to a new shepherd.”

“Where we live, we recognize that churches of 400 to 1,000 are megachurches. I know it doesn’t make it by definition, but where we live that’s the reality.”

“Our model is, how can we do more experiences (services)…throughout the weekend and have smaller buildings?”

“We have to ask ourselves, ‘Why are we so sold out to Sunday mornings if Mondays are more effective? If Fridays are more effective?’…If Sunday becomes the day that nobody wants to do church, as a church we should say, ‘Well that’s fine. We’ll just pick another day.’”

“My hope…is that church leaders wouldn’t give up hoping that God can do the impossible. Our job is faithfulness. His job is fruitfulness.”

“Don’t compare the pace of what you’re building to anybody else. Stay faithful to the picture that God planted in your heart.”

“My prayer life has been chipped away in ministry…Our prayers become expressions of the damages we’ve experienced in the past.”

“Continue praying as if you’ve never been damaged in the past. Continuing praying as a church leader as if your God can still do the impossible.”

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