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Jay Kim: Why We Need an Analog Church in a Digital Age

“Digital technologies, digital mediums, are not only appropriate, but I think in many ways they’re most effective often for the exchange of information and even some inspiration.”

“Is this [communication] intended to inform [your church community] and maybe even inspire them? And if the answer to that is ‘yes,’ then certainly, leverage digital. It’s really effective. But anything transformational, I believe, has to be analog.”

“Because we are physical, tangible creatures at our core essence, we need physical, tangible realities in order to experience real change.”

“Why is it that, viscerally, every single one of us knows that a love text just falls short of a love letter?”

“I think the potential [for any church leader to fall from grace] is accelerated in the cultural moment in which we find ourselves.”

“The most effective thing I think we can do to counteract that work of the enemy to drive us toward comparison and contempt is to lean into the fact that we are called to be the sorts of pastors and leaders who are exactly in the place that God has called us, in the time and with the people that God has called us to be with, to serve and to lead.”

“That’s true for every church leader listening to this podcast. Where God has you, for however long he has you there, is exactly where you’re supposed to be.” 

Mentioned in the Show by Jay Kim

Romans 12

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Chris Nye
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Leonard Vander Zee
N.T. Wright
Tim Keller

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