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Ken Boa: Suffering Is a Required Course in the University of Life

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Ken Boa is the president of Reflection Ministries and has earned degrees from New York University and Oxford University. He has dedicated his life to communicating, championing and teaching ministry practices for relational evangelism and discipleship. Ken has authored over 80 books and has been awarded three Gold Medallion Book Awards. His latest book, entitled Shaped by Suffering, is available now from InterVarsity Press. Ken and his wife live in Atlanta, Georgia.

Key Questions for Ken Boa

-How does joy relate to suffering?

-How can ministry leaders help people who are going through deep suffering?

-How can ministry leaders who are faithfully serving God process their own suffering?

-Why is it important to prepare for suffering to come, and how can we do that well?

Key Quotes from Ken Boa

“Suffering is not an elective in the university of life. It’s a required course.”

“There is this joy that we can have in the midst of our adversity.”

“Our calling in this soul-forming world is to become in our practice who we already in are in our position, seated with Christ in the heavenly places.”

“We are not here for comfort. God is far more concerned about our character than our comfort.”

“We are no longer defined by the pain of our bounded past, but by the joy of our unbounded future.”

“God redeems what he allows.”

“What I love about the Psalms is their honesty with wrestling with God. Instead of complaining indirectly, they’re wrestling with him directly, and there’s wisdom in doing so.”

“What is the Lord teaching me in this experience?…[This question] openly invites God to change us rather than to change our circumstances.”

“Am I trusting God or not, at the end of the day?”

“Whether we are going through a trial or not, the question, ‘Why have you been so good to me?’ is a clear acknowledgement of God’s compassion and grace and lovingkindness in our lives.” 

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