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Jeff Reed: Actually, Digital Church Is All About Relationships

“The Christian ministry in digital environments has to be one of engaging in conversation.”

“If we want to impact people digitally, we need to be discipling others to disciple others. It’s a disciple-making movement…which honestly was the weakness of a lot of physical churches pre-COVID.”

“What better time to start or to firm up your disciple-making process than right now?”

“It doesn’t matter what we say. It matters what others are saying of us.”

“Think small. Think, ‘Who are individuals who I can disciple to the place where they can now reach their circle of influence to disciple others?’ And then unleash them to do that. This is how movements will start. And this is how, I believe, the church is going to be far more effective in an post-COVID environment.”

“Ask questions like, ‘What’s your disciple-making process right now?’

“The end game of this season, I would suggest, is to get individuals to work evangelism, work disciple-making. Start to build a sub-team underneath that understands that. In this season where we can’t gather physically, what if we work to create a movement otherwise?”

“Pastors that are out there, I have so much empathy for you right now. It’s such a hard job.”

[Church planting] is not about the building. It’s about the disciple-making. Let’s utilize whatever tools are available and effective to get there.”

“How effective are your online church services right now at connecting you with lost people?”

“There’s no silver bullet to this. At church X and church Y, you’re going to do things differently.”

“It’s a difficult process, but…once you get that flywheel spinning, you’re going to see ministry happen and you’re going to reach new people that you’ve never imagined you’d reach before.”

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