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Sarah Zylstra: What Pastors Should Do When Discouraged by All the Bad News

How Mainstream Culture Shifted–A chart from “Christians in the Age of Outrage”

“Your people, as I’m sure every pastor is fully aware, are discipled informed by their media intake. So if you’re a person listening, watch carefully what’s forming you. Be aware of those influences and be aware of how much time you’re giving to them.”

“Anxiety is real and I don’t think that it is wrong. I think Christians who can root themselves in the Bible, who can spend their time praying every day, who really hold on to those spiritual practices, and then who walk those out, who who choose to live with honor, who choose to be keep sex inside of marriage, who choose to suffer with joy, who choose to pray for their enemies, who choose to care for the weak and do those those hands on things, those are all the hallmarks of Christianity. That’s just what followers of Jesus will look like.”

“I don’t think people think of creative solutions. I think God gives them and leads one step at a time.”

“I can’t tell you how many stories I tell that started with, ‘I don’t know. We didn’t know what to do, so we just started regularly praying together.’”

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