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Vance Pitman: Why Stress Should Not Be a ‘Normal’ Part of a Pastor’s Life

Vance Pitman
Photo courtesy of Vance Pitman

Vance Pitman was the senior pastor of Hope Church in Las Vegas, Nevada, which he planted in 2001, before stepping down in December 2021 to taken on a new role as president of the Send Network. He speaks across the U.S. and around the world to inspire people to join in God’s eternal, redemptive mission of making disciples and multiplying the church among every tribe, tongue, people and nation. Vance’s latest book is, “The Stressless Life: Experiencing the Unshakable Presence of God’s Indescribable Peace.”

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Key Questions for Vance Pitman

-Most people accept that stress is a part of life. What is a normal level of acceptable stress, especially if you’re a pastor?

-Why is God’s peace essential to a life without stress, and to what extent do our own decisions impact our stress levels?

-How do we access God’s peace in the more difficult areas of our lives?

-What are practical ways for church leaders to step outside of stress, even though they can’t completely remove themselves from certain situations immediately?

Key Quotes From Vance Pitman

“I had no idea really when I started down this journey of writing the book that it would be coming out in a time like what we’re living in right now—if you know the world of publishing, it’s kind of a slow wheel.”

“My body literally shut down after about 22 years of ministry, 13 years in Vegas. My body said, ‘Enough’s enough.’ And for eight days I just slept.”

“We don’t have to allow the stressors of life to dominate our lives. Yes, we all are going to experience apprehension and anxiety. We can’t escape from stressors, but we can respond to those situations in a way that allows us to enjoy life and not just endure it.”

“There is a clinical medical anxiety disorder, and that’s not what I’m addressing. If somebody’s got a clinical medical issue, you can’t pray your way out of that. You need medicine, you need doctoral help. You need professional help to be able to deal with that. What I’m talking about is the normal, everyday amount of stress in life that all of us have to deal with.”

“I define stress like this: Stress is the fearful concern that’s experienced when life’s demands seem greater than my ability to meet them.”