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Eric Geiger: What the ‘Alarming’ State of Theology Report Means for the Church

“Theology is essentially thinking about God. So if you think big thoughts and correct thoughts and true and beautiful thoughts about God, it impacts how you live. If you think small thoughts, incorrect thoughts, inaccurate thoughts about God, it impacts deeply how you live.”

“There’s all different ways to study the Scripture and theology. But a systematic approach would be, what are some of the big doctrinal beliefs that the Scripture helps you see and unpacking those.”

“Here’s the truth. And I think people know it. They are drinking a steady diet of thoughts about God that are not from him.”

“The study of soteriology, or the study of salvation, I think is just such a joy to walk through because you see what God has done in your life and how it results in your gratitude that you’ve become his, that you’re his son, his daughter.”

“Theology is super practical, helps you know God, helps you know him more. And that has such richness to your life and such implications for how you live…It impacts what the day looks like when you understand that you have a father who oversees all, yet he loves you, that he’s both sovereign and sensitive to you.”

“There is truth in the statement, ‘Doctrine divides.’ But you want to ask which doctrine, right?…when you allow minor differences to become the preeminent discussion, that’s when I feel people get hurt.”

“I want people to enjoy the fullness of God, to know him more, to be equipped to think accurately about all the challenges that they face in life.”

“Theology is not academic; it’s pastoral.”

“If you don’t walk away from studying theology with more humility and greater joy, you’ve done it wrong.”

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