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Yvonne Carlson: How To Use AI Effectively in Your Ministry

Yvonne Carlson
Image courtesy of Yvonne Carlson

Yvonne Carlson joined Global Media Outreach as Chief Technology Officer after serving as Vice President of Product at Unite Life. She is a member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Computer Society and serves in leadership positions with National Religious Broadcasters (NRB), FaithTech, and Missional AI. 

Joining Ed in this week’s conversation is Steele Billings. Steele is a technologist who currently leads Gloo’s AI & the Church Initiative, which includes a $25 million fund that invests in faith-driven organizations leading research and development around the responsible use of AI in ministry.

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Key Questions for Yvonne Carlson

-What are the practical ways that AI is making people’s lives easier? 

-How can AI be used to support relationships among people and with God?

-How can local church pastors use AI in their ministries? 

-What are some guidelines relating to AI that you can offer ministry leaders?

Key Quotes From Yvonne Carlson

“These tools that we have available to us now are great for building capacity. It could be something as simple as Grammarly, you know, checking your spelling and punctuation on your emails. Or we use tools every day like Siri. Those AI bots that we have in our pockets are helping us with directions, helping us figure out a restaurant to eat at.”

“Really, it’s about human amplification. It’s using these tools alongside humans in really strategic ways to make sure that people are getting the information they need in a timely basis and accurately.”

“​​That’s why as a Christian technologist I’m in this space, because I want to make sure that the tools being created respect our worldview and have the correct data in order to really interact with people in a biblical way and lead people in the right direction.”

“How many pastors do you know who have a blog or maybe they have a few paragraphs in the bulletin every Sunday?…Again, they’re busy, so using tools like ChatGPT will allow them to create content quickly.”