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William Wilson on the Mistake We Make When Obeying the Great Commission

“Are Pentecostals/Charismatics evangelicals? I would say yes and no…yet we all believe in the preaching of the gospel, the good news that Jesus died on the cross, rose from the dead, that we’re justified by faith.”

“Pentecostals believe…that we experience the power of God in a real way in our world today. And it is a divider somewhat.”

“We don’t believe in universalism, but we believe every person on earth deserves an opportunity to know Jesus and have an encounter with the gospel and with the reality of his person.”

“I went through somewhat of a revolution in my heart that I call the re-personalization of the Great Commission, a new focus on individuals. Now, we’ve talked about nations, we’ve talked about ta ethne, we’ve talked about people groups around the world. But what I really felt the Holy Spirit leading us to was a new focus on individuals.”

“​​Jesus, many times in his ministry, he reached the masses. But he launched new initiatives to new people groups by reaching one.”

“We’ve made a mistake sometimes by focusing on the masses when God is saying focus on one at a time, and I’ll help you reach everyone.”

“The Holy Spirit has just really worked me over to see people the way God is seeing them and to bring the good news to individuals.”

“When we reach one, we never know how many we’re going to reach.” 

“When we reach one person for Jesus, heaven rejoices, but the potential of that life is unlocked on the earth.”

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“My dream is that from 2023 to 2033 we will be part of the greatest decade of Great Commission effort in human history.”

“We need to get past all of this peripheral stuff and get back to the main thing of sharing the gospel with people who need to hear about Jesus Christ. If we do that, we’ll find God’s favor. And I’ll say to all of my evangelical friends, you’ll find God’s fervor as well.”