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William Wilson on the Mistake We Make When Obeying the Great Commission

William Wilson
Image courtesy of Dr. William Wilson

Dr. William Wilson is the fourth president of the globally recognized Oral Roberts University, located in Tulsa, Oklahoma. With over four decades of executive leadership, Dr. Wilson is a global influencer and a dynamic speaker who has a profound ability to equip new generations of leaders. He is the author of several books, including his latest, “The Power of One: Reaching Every Person on Earth.”

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Key Questions for William Wilson

-What is a Pentecostal and what is a spirit-filled Christian? 

-How did God lead you to pursue reaching every person in the world with the gospel by 2033? Is that goal actually possible?

-How would you encourage people outside the Pentecostal tradition who want to re-engage in global missions and evangelism?

-What would your exhortation be to pastors and church leaders as far as engaging this evangelistic task?

Key Quotes From William Wilson

“Spirit-empowered Christianity is really focused on relationship with Jesus that is a dynamic relationship through the immediate presence of the Holy Spirit. Pentecostals, Charismatics believe that God still does today what we read about Him doing in the Book of Acts and that we can see those same things happen in today’s ministry and in our lives, and that we have God’s immediate presence in our life through the fullness of the Holy Spirit every day.”

“Spirit-empowered Christians would believe in a subsequent baptism of the Holy Spirit after conversion.”

“Almost all Pentecostals and Charismatics believe in personal tongues, speaking in tongues, prayer, language, devotional tongues, however they put it. We believe that an individual can communicate with God through the presence of the Holy Spirit in an unknown language.”

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“The National Association of Evangelicals, I think, was actually started by a Pentecostal group. And there was a real desire in early Pentecostalism to be accepted by the evangelical community.”