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Bryan Carter: How To Make Your Preaching More Compelling

bryan carter
Photo courtesy of Bryan Carter

Bryan Carter is the pastor of Concord Church in Dallas, Texas, and a thought leader, connector, and dynamic communicator. He is committed to serving the city of Dallas and beyond through working toward city transformation, building stronger families, and economic development. Bryan is the author of “Made to Last: 8 Principles to Build Long Lasting Relationships.”

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Key Questions for Bryan Carter 

-What have you learned about preaching after 20 years?

-How do you prepare for sermons from week to week?

-What does it look like to raise up new preachers?

-What advice would you give church leaders to make their preaching more compelling?

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Key Quotes From Bryan Carter 

“[Preaching] is an evolution, right? You never arrive. It is a constant work.”

“It’s been a joy to preach to a congregation for 20 years, to be able to walk through different genres, different seasons. I’m learning to just continue to find joy in the process.”

“What I hear is that [people] can relate to [my preaching]. They can understand it.”

“With sermon planning, I’m going to start trying to plan out hopefully a year, or if not a year, six months, three months at a time so that I know where I’m going.”

“Monday morning, I’m going to give about four hours from about 7 a.m. to 11 a.m., I’m going to do my exegetical work.”