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Bryan Carter: How To Make Your Preaching More Compelling

Topical and thematic [preaching] I think are valuable, but I think at the end of the day, we still need to make sure that we value the Scriptures that we are using to be able to communicate those themes.”

“Developing a young preacher doesn’t happen by just accident. You have to make room for them to ask questions about the sermon you preach. Ask questions about how you’re preparing that. Ask questions about how does this happen so that they can grow and develop.”

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“To be compelling, I think engaging the culture is valuable…the single mother, the retiree, the teenager, the young adult, they gave me so much insight into stuff.”

“I think it’s really engaging into the life of the people I’m communicating to, the life of my church family, reading the prayer requests, talking to the counseling team.”

“Be a student of the Word. Of course, be a student of culture. I would say be a student of creativity…I’m always looking. I watch all kinds of styles of preaching, I watch all kinds of contexts of preaching. I watch presentations from TED talks, I watch comedians…I’m going to watch communication. I’m going to study it and just figure out what I can learn.”

“Communication and preaching, you have to be a student and you have to always want to get better.”

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