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Molly Matthews Shares Key Findings From the ‘State of Church Tech’ Report

Molly Matthews
Image courtesy of Molly Matthews

Molly Matthews is CEO of Pushpay and the first woman to hold this position within the company. In her two years as CEO, Molly has led Pushpay to build curated mobile apps for over 15,000 churches nationwide and to make it easier than ever before to “take religion on the go.” Pushpay just released its “State of Church Tech” report, an annual benchmark study that surfaces digital trends in the church.

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Key Questions for Molly Matthews

-What are the key findings from this year’s “State of Church Tech report?

-What are some technologies that have emerged over the last few years that you feel like are probably going to stay?

-What advice would you give for churches who want to be involved in technology but also recognize that they’re dealing with people across generations and are not sure who will engage?

-What are you seeing about how churches are using AI? 

Key Quotes From Molly Matthews

“The why behind [the ‘State of Church Tech’ report] was really to capture a better and deeper understanding of what challenges churches are going through when they’re making decisions around technology.”

“One of the biggest findings out of the report is that hybrid church is here to stay…so that’s something that we then really want to lean into and understand. How can we be of service to those churches who are trying to navigate hybrid? What does hybrid mean?”

“One of the things that we’re seeing show up in high-growth churches, small and big, is they’re leveraging an app.”