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Ashley Hales: What Happens When Pastors Ignore Their God-Given Limits

“I think it’s just mind-boggling that Jesus becomes flesh and that even now that he bears the scars in heaven of his flesh and of the price of our redemption.”

“We see in the life of Jesus that he’s choosing to live within the limits of the Father that our first parents failed to do.”

“It is the Spirit who brings growth. It is not our best plans or our really cool way that we’ve counseled someone that’s going to ultimately lead to transformation and change and growth.”

“Ask yourself or ask your spouse (if you’re married),what are the things you notice that I’m turning to to kind of cope?”

“What are the things that bring you delight?”

“If you work with your mind, you should Sabbath with your hands. And if you work with your hands, you should Sabbath with your mind…When you work with people, it’s really lovely to have something you can actually see progress in.”

“How do we create structures in our churches where people are encouraged to read their Bibles, to practice Sabbath, to put away their phones?”

“Your job, [pastor], is really hard and it can be really lonely. And so choosing to first fill up with the goodness of God and who he says you are is the only way that you will be sustained.”

Mentioned in the Show

Genesis 3
John 17
Luke 4
Romans 5

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