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25 Best Pentecost Sermons and Worship Resources

14. Power from Above

Scripture: Acts 2:1-21

Summary: This morning we are going to look at the event which sparked the beginning of the Church, pouring out of the Spirit on the Day of Pentecost.

“Sometimes from the smallest of things come the greatest of movements. People often misevaluate the potential for success.”

15. How to Stay Filled with the Spirit

Scripture: Ephesians 5:18-20

“What if I never plugged in my laptop to let its battery recharge? You guessed it none of them would work. The batteries may start out strong, but as they are used they get weaker and weaker. The battery must be recharged in order to be effective.”

16. From the Upper Room onto the Streets

Scripture: Acts 2:1-14

Summary: A look at the challenge of Pentecost for us as Christians today.

“What is very obvious is that God’s intention was that his people be filled with his Spirit. They were promised power, guidance, presence – that was God’s specific purpose. When you are full of the Spirit it makes a difference. You know when someone is excited about something, they are passionate about it, they are full of ‘it.'”

17. Square Pizza and Mystery Meat

Scripture: Acts 6:1-7:1

Summary: Acts is the record of incredible miracles by incredible people. But what if the greatest miracle took place in the lunch line? The guy pushing square pizza and mystery meat shows us that the Holy Spirit can use us too!

“There is a major problem with the record of Pentecost! The dilemma is that when you read through the book of Acts from beginning to end the book of Acts reads like a chronicle of super heroes and extraordinary people used by God to accomplish the seemingly impossible.”

18. Calling All Glasses and Gloves

Scripture: Acts 2:1-8

Summary: A Pentecost sermon for a service of Baptism, confirmation and Ordination/Installation of Elders.

“I’d like to start today by asking you a question. How can I get the air out of this glass? One of you might suggest sucking the air out with a pump. Of course that would create a vacuum and shatter the glass. Anyone have an idea? Well, how about this? (fill glass with water) There, now all the air is removed. Victory in the Christian life is not gained by sucking out a sin here or there, but by being filled with the Holy Spirit.”


20. PowerPoint Package: The Work of the Holy Spirit

A set of backgrounds, including title, sermon, and blank slides for a sermon on the Work of the Holy Spirit.

21. Video: Names of the Holy Spirit

“The Holy Spirit is perhaps the most mysterious persons of the Godhead, and one of the more elusive elements of the Christian faith. Yet, scripture outlines the characteristics and character of the Holy Spirit in detail, revealing that we have a close counselor and friend in this mysterious ally. Music by Ryan Kingsmith.”

22. PowerPoint Package: Pentecost Match

“Describe the Holy Spirit’s fire when it came to believers on Pentecost with these backgrounds.”

23. Video: Pentecost

“This brief, stylized mini movie retells the events of Pentecost, emphasizing God’s revelation of Himself to the world and the birth of the church.”

24. PowerPoint Package: Pentecost

“A brightly colored and dramatic background for your message on Pentecost.”

25. Video: The Story of Pentecost

“A creative take on the story of Pentecost.”