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25 Best Pentecost Sermons and Worship Resources

“We joke that the Evangelical church believes in the Father, the Son, and the Holy Scriptures. But the Charismatic church isn’t really a whole lot better; we often regulate the role of the Spirit to a few spectacular gifts and to ecstatic experiences. As we will see in this series, the Spirit is an integral person in the Trinity and He is much bigger than we think.”

9. Pentecost in Joel

Scripture: Joel 1:1-2:1, Acts 2:1-42

Summary: A look at the prophecies of Joel in light of Peter’s speech on the day of Pentecost, the Holy Spirit has been made available to all who will repent and turn to God.

“Well, ok, I get the first bit about the outpouring of the Spirit and the bit about people being saved but what about these heavenly signs? We’ll look at the Spirit and the saving bit in a few moments time but first these signs? Aren’t these rather dramatic, if the Sun was darkened and the moon turned blood red then shouldn’t there be a record of it somewhere? Isn’t this pretty remarkable stuff.”

10. The Ministry of the Holy Spirit

Scripture: Acts 13:52

Summary: The Holy Spirit is not a feeling, a ghost or an evil spirit. Jesus was filled with the Holy Spirit and had a radiant and balanced personality. The Holy Spirit will make you like Jesus.

“In spite of opposition and hardships Paul and Barnabas did not walk around flatfooted bemoaning the resistance they faced in preaching the Gospel. They moved forward empowered by the Holy Spirit. Joy is not something static. Joy is dynamic. Joy is a by-produce of being filled with the Holy Spirit.”

11. Pentecost

Scripture: Acts 2:1-13, Acts 2:22-32

Summary: a simple and basic outline of what happened on Pentecost.

“The coming of the Holy Spirit in the bible is often accompanied by physical signs and on the day of Pentecost it was no different. In each of the three verses there is an accompanying sign or manifestation of the presence of God.”

12. The Impact of Pentecost

Scripture: Acts 2:42-47, Acts 2:1-4

Summary: To call believers to the realization that it is God’s will that they all experience their own personal Pentecost.

“Perhaps no event has been more misunderstood and maligned than Pentecost. Some folks equate it with “holy rollers.” Others equate it with emotional extremism. Still others view it as a denomination or movement. And then there are many who have no idea at all what it is all about.”

13. Understanding Pentecost

Scripture: Acts 2:14-21

Summary: Responding to False Truths with the Truth of God.

“Some in the crowd has said they were drunk, full of wine, and that was the explanation for their behavior. Peter began to offer an explanation for their question, a launching pad for the Gospel he was preparing to share. When people ask questions concerning your faith, are you ready to respond to the question which can lead to the next step of a Gospel presentation?”