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Accountability for Young Men, Otherwise Known as ‘Fight Club Part 2’


“Fight Club” is what I call the men’s discipleship group I lead in our church. Recently, I explained the rationale and format I use in the article, “Discipleship of Young Men, Otherwise Known as ‘Fight Club.'” In that article, I promised an example of the type of weekly assignments we are expected to complete, as well as the list of accountability questions we ask and answer each session.

So, here goes.

(Author’s note: If you have not read the first article, I encourage you to do so now before you continue. Also, you’ll notice the following ideas are mostly geared toward married men, which is the group I normally do this with, but you can tweak it to suit single people, or any other way depending on who you are meeting with.)

Accountability Questions We Answer at Each Meeting

  1. Have you been with a woman other than your wife (if married) in a compromising, or what might appear to be a compromising, situation?
  1. Do any of your financial dealings lack integrity (in business, prudent spending, incurring unwise debt, and giving to the church)?
  1. Have you been (intentionally or unintentionally) exposed to any pornography or sexually explicit films, articles, pictures, lewd jokes, or inappropriate discussions this week?
  1. Have you spent adequate time (according to your own goal) in Bible study and prayer this week?
  1. Have you made your family a priority this week? Would they agree with your answer?
  1. Have you done anything against your calling (i.e., 1 Cor. 10:31; Eph. 4:1)?
  1. Have you done the reading and assignments you committed to last week?
  1. Have you just lied to us (i.e., a false or misleading statement made with the deliberate intent to deceive)?