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5 Things You Need to Know About Connecting Unconnected People

"Unconnected people attend less frequently than connected people."

11 Great Online Small Group Resources

Where can we find good small group Bible studies? What small group curriculum should our groups study? These are questions I frequently get asked at small group workshops and in conversations with pastors.

3 Simple Connection Ideas for Small Groups

When it comes to connection ideas, "simple" means just providing opportunities! Below are three simple connection ideas you can try to help foster connections with those who are new.

5 Small Group Hacks for Stronger Meetings

Here are five small group hacks that will ease each Small Group Host or Leader’s efforts and make their group stronger!

8 Objections to Leading Small Groups (And How to Overcome Them)

If people had no objections to leading small groups, your job would be very easy. They would just line up and sign up to lead a group.

Men’s Group: Accountability and Confessions

Principles to keep in mind when setting the stage men's groups.

Pastors Leading Small Groups – 5 Important Tips

I hear from pastors who don’t want to lead a group or feel that they shouldn’t, but from my experience, I believe in pastors leading small groups.

5 Key Steps to Men’s Small Groups

Andy Lie offers suggestions from his successful experience starting, renewing and maintaining men's small groups.

Reading the Bible Together in Small Groups

My dad used to say: “You gotta know what the Bible says before you can understand what it means.” We have to get the...

Online Small Groups – Which Method is Best?

When you think about types of online groups today, consider these two questions: What is the purpose of the group? How can groups meet online?

The Idolatry of Excellence

Most of the pastors I’ve worked with fit a description by Dallas Willard. This is because of what I call the idolatry of excellence.

Why You Need to Rethink Small Groups and Small Group Leaders Today

Post-COVID, in a society that has radically and irreversibly changed, maybe it's time to rethink small groups and small group leaders. Here's what you need to know.

8 Ways to Encourage Bible Centered Conversations

As the small group leader, there are things that you can do to bring people back to a Bible centered conversation and help them be more receptive to the Lord speaking to their hearts through it.

Small Groups – How the Church Can Thrive Amid the Delta Variant

COVID is yet again making a real impact on life and ministry. From empty Olympic stands to empty seats in our churches to an increase in mask wearing, uncertainty appears to be our biggest obstacle. But, not for small groups.

Rick Warren: What Does Biblical Community Look Like ?

Rick Warren offers these key insights into the building blocks of biblical community.

Why ” Doing Life Together ” Is A Description of a Healthy Church

How do you live? Are you doing life together with your brothers and sisters in Christ, or do you just meet to study the Bible — you know, that book that teaches us about doing life together!

Treating Small Group Infections

There are at least three potential small group infections that we not only need to be on the lookout for, but to aggressively fight against and treat.

7 Words of Encouragement for Leaders of Small Groups

For those small group pastors lacking the gift of encouragement, maybe some of these phrases are phrases you could speak to a small group leader.

How To Be an Effective Bible Teacher in a Small Group

As a small group leader --and in order to be an effective Bible teacher -- you have to get the text in front of them.

Common Courtesies: 5 Small Group Guidelines to Follow

Here are some small group guidelines to set in stone before starting a small group. Common courtesies can go a long way to build community.

Report: Holocaust Denial Persists on Facebook One Year After Push to...

A new report from the Anti-Defamation League shows that while Facebook has removed major Holocaust denial posts on its platform, gaps in enforcing its ban remain one year after it went into effect.

Gerardo Martí: What Pastors Need to Learn From the Collapse of...

Dr. Gerardo Martí joins the Stetzer ChurchLeaders Podcast to discuss Robert H. Schuller's remarkable success with the Crystal Cathedral—and why Schuller's influential ministry collapsed so suddenly.

Small Group Leaders