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3 Essentials to Building Gospel Community in Small Groups

3 Essentials to Building Gospel Community in Small Groups

This past Sunday, we had our second of three equipping classes focused on our core values of Gospel Enjoyment, Intentional Community and Prayerful Mission. We focused this past week on Intentional Community. Our aim in this core value was to take two Christian buzzwords and slam them together (not really). The fact is we all want to be known by other people. We all desire to have people concerned with us, caring for us, and to be a part of a group making a difference. Though this is a desire, it does not happen unless it is pursued, and you have to be intentional to pursue anything well. Community is a Christian buzzword, usually meaning a group of Christ followers that care for one another, but the scriptures expand on this definition to cast a vision for gosepel community that can truly change the world.

Intentional Community means gospel communities on mission, defined as a (1) shared rhythm of (2) life by the Spirit of God for (3) the mission of God.

3 Essentials to Building Gospel Community

Christian community is supposed to function as a healthy family that uses each person’s unique gifts, talents and resources for the benefit of the whole community. But this healthy family doesn’t just function well for one another; they are consistently extending this love for one another to those outside of the community. In essence, the world should look at the way a Christian community loves one another and their neighbors and say, “If this community is anything like Jesus, I want to know Jesus.”

Gospel Community: Shared Rhythm

For a Christian community to truly embody Jesus, they must get out of the event-Christianity mindset that reserves faith for Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights. For too long we have tried to cram all of our Christian fellowship, prayer, learning about God, and extending this love and message to others into a span of three hours.

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Logan currently serve as the Associate Pastor for Lower Manhattan Community Church in New York City. He has previously served as a Lead Pastor, Executive Pastor and Community Pastor at other churches in NYC. His experience has focused on visionary leadership, missional communities, leadership development and church planting initiatives. Logan regularly assists churches in creating, cultivating, and implementing ministries to meet the needs of their congregation and engage their context with the gospel of Jesus Christ as a coach and consultant. Logan is married to Amber, they have three children and live in Manhattan.