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3 Essentials to Building Gospel Community in Small Groups

At Apostles, we encourage our community to form a pattern of life together, to establish community rhythms.

Community Rhythms

When we discuss community rhythms, we start by challenging each other to adopt a spirit of invitation in everything we do. Christ has given an open invitation to anyone who would accept it to join the community that God has had since the foundation of the world. Christ repeatedly expresses His desire that we know the love and joy that God the Father and Jesus share in the Trinity with the Holy Spirit. A community that embodies the gospel cultivates an open invitation to others to be a part of the community’s life.

This usually takes on the form of meals, serving together, recreational fun, coffee and the generic chill time that we all have. This happens by acknowledging the normal things you do every day and leveraging your regular life for the gospel in community and on mission.

Gospel Community: By the Spirit of God

The scriptures indicate that God initiates this community by the Holy Spirit compelling people to love one another and extend this love to others. This happens through the spiritual gifts that exist within every believer.

Spiritual Gifts

Spiritual gifts are essential to every Christian community because they are the unique expressions of Jesus that every Christian has been given to use for the common good. 1 Corinthians 12 lists a number of spiritual gifts, beyond the church’s usual obsession and comfort with preaching and teaching as the best gifts, to elevate the importance of every Christian using their unique passions, gifts and natural talents to build up the community.

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Logan currently serve as the Associate Pastor for Lower Manhattan Community Church in New York City. He has previously served as a Lead Pastor, Executive Pastor and Community Pastor at other churches in NYC. His experience has focused on visionary leadership, missional communities, leadership development and church planting initiatives. Logan regularly assists churches in creating, cultivating, and implementing ministries to meet the needs of their congregation and engage their context with the gospel of Jesus Christ as a coach and consultant. Logan is married to Amber, they have three children and live in Manhattan.