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11 Great Online Small Group Resources

More Small Group Curriculum

We have our own selection of group materials that you can download for free. We are always adding to it throughout each year.

6. LifeWay Small Group Bible Studies: 

Great selection from an established organization.

7. SmallGroups.com’s Small Group Bible Studies: 

Another great website for small group material that is always growing with new resources.

8. City on a Hill Studio: 

These guys have handful of studies but they’re content is really dynamic and innovative too. They do their own movie production with some of the studies which results in a really unique library of curriculum. Just click around on the top navigation menu to see the different resource options.

9. ChristianBook.com DVD Studies: 

You’ll see some of the same titles from the previous listed links but you’ll also see some small group studies not previously listed.

10. Bluefish TV Small Group Studies: 

Bluefish TV also specializes in video-based ministry resources and has a library of DVD-driven curriculum.

11. Gospel Publishing House Small Group Studies: 

Solid selection of small group resources for spiritual growth, marriage, men, women etc.

The list here is by no means comprehensive. There are many sources for small group material that accompany a specific book or sermon series, but for this article, I wanted to list sites where you can browse a diverse selection of topics and titles. Hope you find this helpful!