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Sing Anew This Christmas

Sing anew this christmas

Tis’ the season to be singing, hymns of joy, hymns of light, hymns of royal beauty bright, hymns of one most Holy Night! Thanks to the hymn writers, Christmas is never without a soundtrack—melodies rich with heritage sung across generations, in sanctuaries, on street corners, and in the quiet of firelit homes. 

Christmas hymns have the power to proclaim the season’s arrival… but does their familiarity lull us into missing their notes of truths? This Christmas, can our hearts wake up to the words we sing?

To sing these songs anew together, let’s examine a few verses of this Christmas hymn, then ask three questions to respond…

Let’s Examine…

Let’s Ask…

1. What is this hymn about?


Who are the key players and what are they doing?
What details of conversation, declaration, or action seem important? 

Notice facts from the hymn, then try recapping the verses:

   Angels, messengers from God’s presence, declare Jesus’ arrival. 

  Shepherds faithfully at work receive Light’s news, God’s here!

  Believers today worship and wait for the Lord to come again. 

  Sinners repent and receive freedom from guilt and death. 

  Infant Jesus is King of all

 Witnesses of the Incarnation worship Christ as King and call us to worship!

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