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What Is Lectio Divina?

The process of Lectio Divina begins with, you guessed it, reading. To pray while reading the Scriptures, we need to read Scripture! The central premise of reading the Bible in this context is to not go too fast or too slow.

12 Reasons I Am a Christian

In 1927, the famed British philosopher Bertrand Russell wrote an essay entitled, “Why I Am Not a Christian.”

Church Sound Gear Selection and Set-up

Before you even start shopping for a sound gear, it’s important to remember that no sound system is complete without speakers.

Epic Sound Arranging for a Large Band

Sound arranging starts with ‘the groove’ – the bass drum and the bass guitar. These instruments interact, lock together a rhythmic foundation, and bring the groove to life.

Should Churches Still Use Music From Hillsong?

If you’re not familiar with the many scandals that have plagued Hillsong as of yet, I can only say, “Google it.” These scandals leave churches in a dilemma: Should they keep using the music?

What She Said at the Start of Worship Service Changed Everything

Each Sunday, as we settle into our worship service, we buckle our seat belt. Whatever comes, Lord, my trust is in you.

25 Relevant Hymns About Trusting God in Troubled Times

The relevant hymns of the faith, both ancient and modern, offer us a vocabulary for expressing our fears, anxieties, and questions to the One who hears.

How to Guarantee You WON’T Grow Spiritually

You can’t escape the New Testament’s overwhelming pulse that God commands us to intentionally pursue Him, that to grow spiritually is our job as Christians.

Hymn vs Song – Is There a Difference?

Hymn vs song? Is this pedantic? Maybe. Modern songwriters draw from so many influences that the lines begin to blur.

20 Scriptures to Pray as WORSHIP

Have you ever noticed that the first petition in the Lord's Prayer is not about provision, protection, or even forgiveness? It's about worship.

16 Satanic Lies About Worship

If God uses our worship to transform sinners, starting with us, then the enemy use lies about worship to do all in his power to neutralize it.

Guests Return to Worship Services Because of These 9 Surprises

Most of the respondents said they were “delighted” or “surprised,” and that the one event made guests return to the church.

Top 10 Things I Love That Worship Leaders Do

Many friends of mine serve their churches as worship leaders, some perhaps in the face of weekly criticism and complaints—I am eternally thankful for you. I love you.

Why Holy Spirit Worship Matters

This is Holy Spirit worship: Stay needy for a God who will empower you with his Holy Spirit for the work of ministry.

What I Saw at Church

I saw at church was the fulness of him who fills every thing in every way. I discovered the pillar and support of the truth as they put the wisdom of God on display.

9 Essentials of a Great Worship Leader

What should you look for a in a worship leader for your church?

Do You Have a Theology of Worship ?

The fruit of a theology of worship that revolves around Jesus is corporate worship and worship leadership that exalts him above all things.  

Glenn Packiam: Prophetic Worship Leaders

The role of prophet worship leaders is not simply to be descriptive (saying what God is like) or prescriptive (calling people to respond to Him); we are also to be imaginitive: we awaken people to see something new, something that has not yet come to be, so that hope fills their hearts.

How to Be a True Worshiper

But the hour is coming, and now is, when the true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and truth; for the Father is seeking such to worship Him.

Joe McKeever: Worship and the Carnal Mind

Understanding the carnal mind explains why so many on the outside look at Christian worship and shake their heads. They just don’t get it.

Pastor Matt Chandler: The Church’s Post-Roe Moment Is Bigger Than Legislation

Two days after the U.S. Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, Pastor Matt Chandler challenged Christians to “step up” and push back darkness in a “brutally difficult” world. Chandler prefaced his message by saying he celebrated Roe’s reversal but “did so with a great deal of sobriety.”

Adam Wyatt: How To Be a Biblical Patriot, Not a Christian...

Dr. Adam Wyatt joins the Stetzer ChurchLeaders Podcast to talk about how the Bible supports the idea of loving one’s country–but not nationalism–and how pastors can navigate this volatile topic.

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