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Let Children Lead Worship!

It’s true that kids can point out the obvious and teach us a thing or two, but what if we intentionally taught them to lead? What if we encouraged them to lead? And, are you ready for this? What if we let children lead worship?

Does God Sing?

Does God sing? The complete and absolute deliverance Jesus has secured for you personally causes God to sing, rejoice, dance and spin around over you.

What Is the Role of Emotional Worship?

Worship leaders leverage their skills of music to surface emotions in order to knit them together with God’s truth.

The Sad Tale of a Creative Misfit

He was an out of the box thinker who dressed differently, wasn’t crazy about rules, and liked to work late at night. As a result, he struggled a bit trying to find anyone who would hire him. To some people, he was a creative misfit.

The Ultimate Checklist for Sound Gear Components You Really Need

The basic sound gear components needed for a small church with a contemporary service. This is a great list for church plants or small churches.

7 Attributes of a Great Worship Leader

I’ve been blessed with many a great worship leader and the pastors with whom to work. I’ve worked with enough now to form some opinions of what makes a great one.

What Does the Visual Layout of Our Churches Say About Worship?

Now the visual layout of most of our modern worship environments feature a drumset or a stack of amplifiers quite prominently. Nothing "wrong" with this. But let's think for a moment about what it says

Ron Edmondson: My Top 5 Corporate Worship Experiences

My mind is flooded with memories of corporate worship highlights in my life, or favorite worship moments. I have had many. To me, worship is when God fills me with Himself.

Give Thanks to God – King David Did 5 Different Ways

Thanksgiving is one of the key ways we push back against the full-court press from worry, fear, and anxiety. And King David is an example of how to give thanks to God.

If Your Congregation Isn’t Singing Ask These 15 Questions

Whatever the reason, even in the most passionate of congregations there are times when the singing isn’t exactly robust. If Your Congregation Isn’t Singing Ask These 15 Questions.

Long-Term Worship Planning – It CAN Be Done!

I’ve been freshly amazed at the wisdom of God and his kindness in helping me with long-term worship planning months in advance that will end up ministering to specific people or responding to certain current events in ways that there was no way I could have foreseen.

Should Expressive Worship be Physical?

It’s understandable that people sometimes wonder if expressive worship leaders are simply imitating entertainment culture in asking people to respond.

The Best Security Radios for Churches– 3 Great Options

Church security is becoming more and more of an issue, and because of that, churches all over the country are opting to improve their security through the use of security systems and by having radios on hand.

4 (Detailed) Worship Leader Tips to Improve Your Worship Leading

I have been leading worship with congregations ranging from 70 to 7,000 people for over 25 years, and I am still learning. Here are worship leader tips to consider for growth in your own personal journey.

Come Holy Ghost, Our Souls Inspire (Veni Creator Spiritus) Old Hymn/New Setting

There’s an ancient prayer and hymn of the church called “Veni Creator Spiritus” (or Come Holy Ghost, Our Souls Inspire). You’ll often hear this hymn in liturgical churches on or around Pentecost.

5 BIG Things Missing from Modern Worship

Many leaders are judging elements of modern worship by whether or not they work (according to their own standard of what works). Instead they should be searching God’s Word to determine what elements should be present in a worship service.

Is Your Streamed Worship Complying with Church Copyright Laws?

Even after the COVID-19 pandemic churches are continuing in livestreaming services. But do those services comply with church copyright laws?

How to Build on Your Creative Potential

Research indicates that everyone is born with creative potential. But to have creative ideas when you need them requires the ironic combination of humility and confidence.

In Depth Study: Worship Leaders in the Bible

Ready to dig deep? This in depth study about worship leaders in the Bible is very long, but it is broken into four parts: "The Gift of Leadership", "Biblical Leadership Models", "The Maturing Christian Leader" and "Leader Emergence."

11 Quotes on Prayer from Teresa of Avila

Teresa of Avila was a Spanish Carmelite nun born in 1515. Her books on prayer have been considered Christian classics. We hope these eleven Teresa of Avila quotes introduce you to this richly gifted woman of God.

Francis Chan and Eric Metaxas Discuss Christian Unity, Loving Your Enemies,...

This past June, Francis Chan joined Eric Metaxas on “The Eric Metaxas Radio Show” to discuss his concerns with the ongoing confrontations happening inside the church that are causing disunity among fellow believers in Christ.

Trillia Newbell: How Church Leaders Can Deal With Fear and Anxiety

Trillia Newbell joins the Stetzer ChurchLeaders Podcast to explain how the Lord has helped her with her fear and anxiety and also to share some thoughts on women in ministry.

Worship & Creative Leaders