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Covering “In Christ Alone” Lauren Daigle Soars

In covering In Christ Alone Lauren Daigle provides a simple rendition (employing only two elements: her voice and a guitar) breathes new life into the song.

Nine Reasons Your Church Might Need a Choir

Having a church choir isn't as common as it used to be. And certainly not every church needs one. But here are nine reasons why your church might consider one.

My Story of the Broken Chalice

Many of our churches and perhaps many of us are like that broken chalice. Maybe we were whole and full at one time, but something has happened to tip the table and to not only spill the wine but also shatter the cup.

Top 10 Worship Leading Tips

Veteran musician and worship leader Tony Guerrero offers his very best advice for worship leaders.

Great Songs for Advent Season

It’s a very cool season and provides congregations several weeks to express songs for advent season asking “how long”?

10 Guidelines for Praise and Worship Leadership

Here are my Top 10 guidelines for praise and worship worship leadership. I have been leading worship teams for 30 years, but I still go back to this list to see what I need to work on!

Nine Postures of Worship

The Psalms have given us nine different postures of worship: heart expressions, not actual postures. These expressions stem from David's desire to worship the Lord wholeheartedly and without reservation.

How A Psalm in the Night Reawakened the Intercessor in Me

It was another night in a three-week long battle-for-my-sanity with insomnia. That night I learned how much we all need a Psalm in the night.

7 Christmas Eve Service Ideas That Work

We’ve decided to put all our musical eggs in the Christmas Eve basket because it’s THE service of the year (along with Easter Sunday).

12 Ways For Worship Leaders to Serve Your Pastor Well

Today, I want to offer a few lessons I’ve learned over the last decade on how to serve your pastor well and to make this tricky relationship between pastor and worship leader a bit less … well … tricky.

5 BIG Things Missing from Modern Worship

Many leaders are judging elements of modern worship by whether or not they work (according to their own standard of what works). Instead they should be searching God’s Word to determine what elements should be present in a worship service.

Praise and Worship Leadership – 18 Traps to Avoid

The strong praise and worship leader develops good attitudes and habits. Strong worship leaders keep their hearts, minds and spirits right before God and man. They don't do these 18 things.

A Christmas Skit for Any Size Church

Sometimes we’ll come up with an idea no one else has tried and give it a shot. The most successful Christmas skit we’ve ever done is one I wrote a few years ago.

How a Healthy Distance Helps the Creative Process

We can and should keep a healthy distance, a holy distance from even our ver best work—that it may go well with us.

Sing Anew This Christmas

Every Christmas season, we sing familiar songs that bring us comfort and get us into the Christmas spirit. But this year, let's not gloss over the deeper meaning of some of these hymns. This Christmas, let's sing anew.

Church Speaker Placement 101 – Everything You Need to Know

Church acoustics matter. Nothing can improve the quality of your church sound system as much as determining the proper placement for your loudspeaker system.

What Is the First Song in the Bible

Get this: Heaven is still singing the first song in the Bible. Apparently, God really loves this song. The worship of heaven is impacted by the worship of earth. The lofty angels in heaven are singing songs written by lowly man on earth.

Do You Have a Philosophy of Worship?

Does your congregation have a Philosophy of Worship? If you are developing your own standards for your worship ministry, this is a good place to start.

The Most Important Quality of an Effective Worship Leader

The most important quality is what we assume and take for granted.

Praise Finds the Presence of God in the Valley

Miracles occur when you praise God in the valley. Don’t stop! When you worship, especially in broken places, God shows up and manifests his presence in ways you’ve yet to even imagine!

YouTube Labels John MacArthur’s Latest Sermon ‘Hate Speech’

Journalist and author Todd Starnes revealed on Wednesday that YouTube has flagged John MacArthur’s sermon from this past Sunday at Grace Community Church regarding biblical sexuality as "Hate Speech."

Jackie Hill Perry: Why We Have the Wrong Idea About God’s...

Jackie Hill Perry joins the Stetzer ChurchLeaders Podcast to share why the holiness of God is far more beautiful than we often think it is.

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