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How To Lead Worship Online – 4 Keys

In light of the quarantine taking place with most churches it’s important that we take a deep breath and consider the challenge ahead for us as the church. Now you are called upon to lead worship online.

Women in Worship – 4 Keys to Raising Up Women Worship Leaders

My hope is that whether you have women worship leaders in your church currently or you are asking God to raise up female leaders for your team, you would find this a helpful place to gain insight.

Choosing Songs: 25 Ways to Pick Great Songs for Your Church

What is the best way to choose worship songs for your church? I put together a checklist of 25 things to look for in a good worship song.

9 Ways to Build Prayer Into a Worship Service

Getting prayer into your church means building prayer into the DNA of a congregation.

Simple Musical Settings of the Communion Liturgy

This year for Advent at my church we’re going to be singing these new settings of the communion liturgy that I wrote.

7 Keys to Becoming Invisible in Worship Leading

How to take yourself out of the equation in worship leading.

3 Things That Happen When You Hold a Silent Church Service

Have you ever tried a silent church service? Stillness is an under-utilized spiritual discipline that could be a very healthy addition to your worship.

Facebook Is Now Meta: What It Means for Churches

The parent company Facebook has announced that it will become Meta. Here are three things that churches should be considering in the new metaverse.

6 Common Misconceptions About God’s Will

There are a lot of misconceptions out there about knowing God's will, especially when it comes to choosing a career path. Here are six errors I wish I had known long before last year.

Are Icons OK to Use in Prayer and Worship?

Given the church's history, it is understandable that the Protestants came along and threw the baby Jesus icon out with the bathwater. Literally. Should the modern church use religious icons or not?

How to Lead Worship with Limited Resources

Wondering how to lead worship with limited resources? The majority of worship leaders regularly find themselves leading under less than ideal conditions. So how should they respond?

Sheltering Mercy – Prayers Inspired by the Psalms

Sheltering Mercy is a prayer book is devotional in tone, written for personal use and designed as a beautiful, hard-cover legacy book that can be handed down generation to generation.

Writing Worship Songs: 3 Tips To Get Started

Know your audience, play your instrument well, these are good pointers, but out of the scope of this article. The focus here will be on writing worship songs people want to sing.

But Contemporary Worship Brings People to Jesus! … Right?

"At some point, we decided that the worship service was the best venue for evangelism."

9 Marks of a Healthy Worship Leader

While the term "worship leader" doesn't appear in the New Testament, the role nevertheless carries spiritual responsibility. Here are 9 marks of a healthy worship leader.

7 Ways to Create a Powerful Worship Set List

One of a worship leader’s most fundamental jobs is picking the right songs for Sunday. Not only that, but putting the songs in the right order. So how do you pick a great worship set list whether you’re a seasoned worship leader or just starting out?

To Worship on Sunday, You Gotta Serve Somebody on Monday

Sunday worship is both the culmination and commencement of the worship week. Commencement means a beginning or a start and culmination means an end or an arrival at...

How to Leave Room for the Holy Spirit in Your Life

It is easy to do all that we can to make things work—to make them go. And I’m not against that, when done with wisdom. I just want you to leave some room for divine encounters with the Holy Spirit.

Why Your Worship Needs to Be LOUDER

It’s hard to ignore the language of the Bible when it comes to the environment and volume of worship. It is characteristically loud.

At Many Churches, Pandemic Hits Collection Plates, Budgets

Churches are seeing the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic in their collection plates, as an untold number of congregations across the U.S. have struggled to stay afloat financially and minister to their flocks during the pandemic.

Kyle Idleman: Why We Must Do Ministry One Person at a...

Kyle Idleman joins the Stetzer ChurchLeaders Podcast to share what he has learned from Jesus about pastoring one person at a time, even at one of the largest churches in the U.S.

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