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Church Production: The Power of the Unseen

In the world of live church production, most have come to rely on their obvious senses when analyzing what’s going on. But there's more.

Fake Jesus: 10 Christ Figures We Should Stop Worshiping

Could you recognize a counterfeit Jesus? Jesus is still very popular these days, but we have to wonder, is each Jesus we meet in culture the real one?

2 Sure Signs It’s Time for a Worship Leader To Leave

How do you know when it';s time to move on from your church or ministry?

How To Be A Great Backup Singer

Don’t get offended when someone gives you tips to improve your voice and role as a backup singer. We’re all on a journey of improving our musical craft. Keep growing! Stay humble! Work hard.

5 Bedtime Prayers That Will Change Your Life

Bedtime prayers present a unique opportunity for us to connect with God. Bedtime prayer is an opportunity for us to reset, in a sense. To freshly connect with God. To properly align our hearts with God’s will before we go to sleep.

Bass Walkdowns in Worship

Almost every song ever written has either walkdowns or walk-ups. Think of how the bass walks down in choruses like “Jesus, Lover of My Soul,” “There is None like You,” “As the Deer,” or “Mr. Bojangles.”

You Must Walk Through Brokenness Before You Appreciate Grace

It is essential to face our brokenness, no matter how much we don't want to. Despite how counterintuitive it seems, walking through our mess is the only way we can truly appreciate grace.

How to Worship With Our Wallets Apart From the Worship of Money

Giving money is not only an act of worship; it is also a means of breaking the worship of money in our lives so that we might worship God more freely and fully. Perhaps that’s one reason why costly giving is central to biblical worship.

5 Gifts Jesus Gives Us in the Lord’s Supper

When we read about the Lord's Supper in John 13, we discover not only the roots of the sacrament but also the secrets of Christian living. There are at least five diamonds shining out from the darkness of John 13.

How Songs of Praise Bring the Blessing of God

Songs of praise that believers offer to God in worship are directly associated with His future victory over His enemies and the redemption of His people.

Gospel Centered Hymns for Communion

There is no passage in Scripture from which the minister should not make a bee-line to the Gospel. From there, knowing the various lines to the great Gospel centered hymns becomes the way forward in bringing in the poetic truths of the Gospel at the Supper.

Joe McKeever: How to Liven Up a Dull Worship Service

Here are some thoughts from veteran pastor Joe McKeever on how to liven up a dull whorship service.

The Decline of Excellence in The Age of “Nice”

In today’s increasingly interconnected, socially conscious, and “woke” world, there’s a growing inclination to prioritize being ‘nice’ or avoiding conflict over achieving and maintaining high standards of excellence. Here are some reasons for the decline of excellence.

Worship is Both Reflective and Determinative

Worship, particularly worship through song, helps to bridge our emotions with our knowledge; our hearts with our heads.

Great Christian Art Flows From the Great Artist Himself

Some of the greatest art in history has been Christian art. From Bach to Chance the Rapper; from Rembrandt to William Blake; and from Milton to Gerard Manley Hopkins, the Lord's words have come to life in ten million ways.

12 Keys to Picking Great Songs for Worship

Picking great songs for worship is one of the most important skills a worship leader needs to learn. There are many different kinds and levels of worship songs. Here are 12 keys to do it well.

How to Find the Presence of God in the Valley

Miracles occur when you praise God in the valley. Don’t stop! When you worship, especially in broken places, God shows up and manifests his presence in ways you’ve yet to even imagine!

All the Christmas Feels: Unique A Capella Arrangement of O Holy Night

If you haven’t heard Sam Robson’s unique arrangement of "O Holy Night", you need to remedy that sad fact immediately.

What Are Reasonable Worship Leader Expectations?

What are worship leader expectations that make sense in your particular ministry setting?

7 Ways To Lose Ministry Volunteers

If ministry volunteers aren’t validated in the ministry you lead, then they will look for another place where they are.

WATCH: Russell Brand Calls His First Month as a Christian a...

In his latest update on his spiritual journey, actor Russell Brand celebrated his first month of being a Christian and spoke of an "inner illumination" that's now a present guide and guardrail in his everyday life.

Dennis Edwards: The Misconceptions Pastors Have About Humility

Dr. Dennis Edwards joins “The Stetzer ChurchLeaders Podcast” to share what he has learned about the true nature of humility and how church leaders can avoid some common misconceptions about what a life of humility means.

Worship & Creative Leaders