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3 Ways Worship Leaders Can Get People Worshipping

One thing that's common with each team is people in attendance expressing their adoration. So I ask myself, "Why doesn't that expression follow them to church?" and "How can I get people worshipping?"

2 Ways to Gain Experience as a Worship Leader

Every worship leader, at some point, is at square one. How does a beginning worship leader become experienced? By getting experience.

You Can Avoid the Hymns vs Contemporary Worship Trap

Mixing hymns with contemporary worship songs is quite a challenge and back then resources were non-existent. It was a stark choice: hymns vs contemporary worship.

Frustrated With Yourself – And Bed Bath & Beyond

Each of us know what it feels like to get so deeply frustrated with yourself, when we can’t do something we wish we could do, or when we’re faced with our limitations or inabilities.

72 of the Cheesiest Christian Pick Up Lines You’ve Ever Heard

Christian pick up lines are funny, awkward, cheesy, and if I ever hear my sons use them when they get older, I’ll disown them in the blink of an eye! Have you ever used one of these pick up lines before?

How to Read the Psalms

Here are five ways for how to read the psalms for all who long to lead biblical worship discover a rich and vital gift in the Bible’s longest book. In the words of one early church leader the Psalms are like a “gym for the soul.”

10 Things I Did NOT Do That Improved Our Congregational Singing

In one year, this congregation sings louder, more heartily, and more of them sing.

Carlos Whitaker: Emotion in the Church – Manipulation or God’s Gift?

Don’t lose one of God’s greatest gifts to us, emotion, because you have seen emotion in the church abused before.

Product Review: HP LaserJet Pro – Dream Laser Printer for Your Church Office

While it’s not the best option for larger churches who have a lot of printing to do each month, the HP LaserJet Pro M227fdn is a great consideration for most churches because it can do so much more than just print.

Why We Sing

Don’t be bashful about your voice, and don’t worry if you don’t think you’re much of a “singer”. God has given you a voice to use, a reason why we sing, and he’s given you a song to sing.

How to Fix Audio Distortion

Audio distortion is a sign an input volume is too high, a speaker is doing more than it’s rated, or a piece of equipment has failed. Each reason for distortion has a solution which can be easily implemented.

5 Ways to Spot a Skilled Worship Musician

A real worship musician works very hard, and part of that work will never be publicly recognized. Would you rather employ the prima donna that takes or the artisan that gives? Your own character is revealed in that choice.  

Louie Giglio: Wired for a Life of Worship

Louis Giglio: "I've got great news. You can worship God wherever you are, doing whatever it is you do! You can be wired for a life of worship."

What Is Worship That Brings Your Congregation Forward?

Every worship leader feels the desire to lead the congregation well, to "bring them forward in worship." Hours of hard work later, you remember that the congregation’s participation, or lack thereof, has everything to do with the experience.

Dial It Down? Never! (Well, Maybe)

I keep a dreadful secret from my friends at church. You see, where I worship, if you think the music’s too loud, you are definitely...

The Best Fog Machine for the Money

Choosing the best fog machine for a church to use can be tricky and frustrating, especially when working with a limited budget. No matter how much money you have in your budget, you want to make sure that you choose the best fog machine for your church.

How to Worship With Our Wallets Apart From the Worship of Money

Giving money is not only an act of worship; it is also a means of breaking the worship of money in our lives so that we might worship God more freely and fully. Perhaps that’s one reason why costly giving is central to biblical worship.

6 Ways to Embrace Culturally Diverse Worship

We are willing to go outside the church for culturally diverse worship but fail miserably to do so within. So why are we so ready to defer when we travel around the world but not across the aisle?

7 Prayers to Pray to Make Worship More Powerful This Weekend

As you join your congregation for worship this weekend, I encourage you to pray these prayers before you gather.

Does Your Church Have Spiritual Double-Vision?

As we spend time focusing on Jesus’ interactions with all sorts of people, listening to his messages, considering his questions, and peeling back all the layers of his parables, our prayer is that we would develop a spiritual double-vision

Trillia Newbell: How Church Leaders Can Deal With Fear and Anxiety

Trillia Newbell joins the Stetzer ChurchLeaders Podcast to explain how the Lord has helped her with her fear and anxiety and also to share some thoughts on women in ministry.

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