10 Things Every Worship Leader Needs to Work On

10 Things Every Worship Leader Needs to Work On

No matter how long I have been a worship leader, there are always areas that I need to improve on. When you are doing well, it is too easy to get comfortable. But the truth is, none of us ever arrives. My prayer is that this list challenges you, like it challenges me, to move ahead with what God has called us to do!

1. Never stop growing

• Are you practicing your singing and playing on a daily basis?

• Are you taking lessons and improving your craft and leadership?

• Are you changing and growing with the new trends, styles and songs?

2. Develop your organizational and admin skills

• Are you writing (or buying) great charts for your band?

• Are you running organized and productive rehearsals?

• Are you creating timely schedules for your musicians and planning ahead on the church calendar?

3. Keep working on a good relationship with your pastor

• Do you have a regular meeting with your pastor?

• Are you supporting your pastor in private and public?

• Have you ever had your pastor and his wife over for dinner?

4. Take time to mentor new leaders

• Are you looking for and developing the potential leaders on your team?

• Are you giving room for new leaders to lead a song or worship time?

• Jesus spent over three years developing His team; are you following His example?

5. Develop a great team

• Do you have a system for bringing along new musicians?

• Are you developing multiple musicians for each position?

• How are you helping your team grow spiritually?

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