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12 Keys to Being a Successful Worship Pastor

12 Keys to Being a Successful Worship Pastor

I love to help worship leaders and worship pastors grow and become all that God has called them to be. I hope these 12 keys challenge you like they challenge me. I have been leading worship and pastoring for over 30 years, but I still go back to this list to see what I need to work on!

12. Develop your administrative skills

  • Are you creating timely schedules for your musicians and planning ahead on the church calendar?
  • Are your worship sets and services well-organized?
  • Do your worship teams get their music well in advance so they can be excellent?

11. Learn to run highly effective rehearsals

  • Are you spending enough time with the music to get past it and worship?
  • Are you giving your team all the tools they need to be successful?
  • Are you and your team memorizing the songs?

10. Learn to pick great worship songs

  • Are you teaching your congregation the great songs from around the world?
  • Do you ever go outside your preferences in musical styles?
  • Are you developing a balanced repertoire of fast, medium and slow songs?

9. Develop a strong team

  • Do you have a system for bringing along new musicians?
  • Are you developing multiple musicians for each position?
  • Are you helping your team grow spiritually?

8. Be a great worshipper

  • Are you keeping it real? Are you the same on and off the stage?
  • Are there areas in your life that are holding you back from God’s richest blessings?
  • Do you love the Lord with all your heart and are you a passionate worshipper?

7. Never stop growing

  • Are you practicing your singing and playing on a daily basis?
  • Are you taking lessons and improving your craft and leadership?
  • Are you changing and growing with the new trends, styles and songs?

6. Keep your heart soft and pliable before God

  • Have you learned to forgive and forgive again?
  • Do you have good friends who can speak into your life?
  • Do you have safeguards to keep you from falling into temptation?

5. Develop a good relationship with your pastor

  • Do you have a weekly meeting with your pastor?
  • Are you supporting your pastor in private and public?
  • Have you ever had your pastor and his wife over for dinner?

4. Mentor the next generation of leaders

  • Are you looking for and developing the potential leaders on your team?
  • Are you giving room for new leaders to lead a song or worship time?
  • Jesus spent over three years developing His team; are you following His example?

3. Love the church like Jesus loves the church

  • Are you building God’s kingdom or yours?
  • Do you love the people you are leading?
  • Jesus laid down His life for us, are you willing to lay down your life?

2. Love your spouse and family

  • Are you carving out regular time in your schedule for your spouse and family?
  • Are you taking one day off per week?
  • When is the last time you had a date with your spouse?

1. Love and spend time with God daily

  • Are you reading your Bible daily?
  • Where is your secret place to meet with God?
  • How is your daily prayer life? Are you praying and obeying?

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