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Hillsong UNITED Performs ‘Street Called Mercy’ Where Jesus Carried His Cross


Hillsong UNITED visited Israel earlier this year and crossed many, many things off the Christian bucket list.

First there was singing “Oceans” overlooking the sea where Peter would have been called out by Jesus “upon the waters.” There was also “Say the Word” from the mountain where Jesus preached the beatitudes.

The following video is another one still: “Street Called Mercy” from Via Dolorosa.

The video features scenes of a barren street, “with ruins and vandalism around,” heading toward the Dead Sea, and Via Dolorosa, the street that is “widely accepted as to where Jesus walked carrying his cross on the greatest ever journey of Mercy.” The theme behind the video is the juxtaposition of “the struggle of life and the Mercy of God.”

Wrapped up in scarlet kindness
You welcome the sinner home
Now I breathe in the air of heaven

Well done, Hillsong UNITED. You used your time in Israel well, and we are blessed by it.

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