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25 Christian Would You Rather Questions (Bible Edition)

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These would you rather questions on great for every youth group leader that needs a steady supply of icebreaker games at the ready. This idea for a twist on the popular would you rather questions game is sure to be a Christian crowd-pleaser, plus potentially drum up interest in the Bible among your students. A win on both accounts!

There are many ways to play the game Would You Rather. If you are unfamiliar with it, there is a good description of the different versions of the game here. I suggest having students sit in a circle and ask the person on their left one of the Bible-themed questions below. Students can draw slips of paper with the would you rather questions from the middle of the circle. To increase the fun factor, you can also set a time limit for asking and answering the questions. If you put the questions in a far corner of the room, the game is upgraded into a physically taxing game (I mean—most students could benefit from releasing some energy at youth group).

Tell your students they MUST choose one of the options. “Both” or “I don’t know” aren’t allowed! And make sure everyone is included and gets a chance to answer a question!

Would You Rather Questions (Bible Edition)

Would you rather…..

  • Have the super strength of Samson or wisdom of Solomon?
  • Have to fight the giant Goliath or fight in a war against the Philistines?
  • Have to hide from your boss who is trying to kill you or have your body covered in raw sores?
  • Glean crop leftovers from a farmer’s field or make bricks out of mud and straw?
  • Be cooped up in the ark for 377 days taking care of animals all day or lay on your side for 390 days?
  • Eat only homemade bread for over a year or eat only vegetables and fruit for the foreseeable future?
  • Be forced to marry a monarch and live in a palace for the rest of your life or wander in the desert for 40 years?
  • Deceive your father into giving you your sibling’s blessing or have your father believe you had been killed by a wild animal?
  • Live through a famine or live through the 10 plagues of Egypt?
  • Be baptized by John the Baptist or hear Paul speak to a crowd about Jesus?
  • Eat a scroll (a piece of rough paper with writing on it) or drink vinegar?
  • Hide spies in your house or hide a baby from Pharaoh?
  • Carry the ark of the covenant across the Jordan River or carry Jesus’s cross to Golgatha?
  • Watch Jesus heal a blind man or watch Jesus walking on water?
  • Be imprisoned for over 2 years or be swallowed by a whale?
  • See Leviathan or see a dragon?
  • Name the animals or build the ark?
  • Have to perform an animal sacrifice or prepare a dead body for burial?
  • Watch Lazarus be raised from the dead or eat with Jesus at the Last Supper?
  • Betray Jesus or deny Jesus?
  • Carry the 10 Commandments down from a mountain or help rebuild the walls surrounding Jerusalem?
  • Help rebuild the Temple or help the early church grow?
  • Be carried to heaven in a chariot of fire or have God add 15 years to your life?
  • Anoint Jesus’s head with oil or wash his feet with your tears?
    would you rather questions bible edition
  • Be rescued from prison by an angel or see Jesus’s empty tomb?

Would You Rather Questions (Bible Edition) Bonus Round

After your group has exhausted the question bank, go through the questions one by one and ask students to either name the book(s) of the Bible the question comes from or the person to whom they refer. For example, the answer to the question “Would you rather have the super strength of Samson or the wisdom of Solomon” would be Judges and 1 Kings and/or 2 Chronicles (this one’s a hard one!). An answer to the question “Have God add 15 years to your life or be carried to heaven in a chariot of fire?” could be Hezekiah and Elijah OR Isaiah and 2 Kings (also a hard one!).

These are just some ideas. There are many, many more you could come up with. You could even tailor questions to fit the message you are giving that night. The point is to get your students intrigued by all the incredibly crazy stuff that happens in the Bible. Have fun!

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