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Youth Lessons on Relationships: 9 Ministry Resources for Teens

4. Being a Good Friend

This free downloadable lesson about friendships is ideal for preteens and tweens. They’ll enjoy brainstorming characteristics of a good friend—and seeing whether they have those qualities themselves. A free poster for this Bible study theme is also available.

5. Object Lesson on Relationships

Watch this YouTube video for an object lesson that teens will be able to “relate” to. Using rubber bands, it demonstrates how tension builds in relationships. That happens when we move farther away from one another and from God.

6. Emphasize Empathy

Check out this youth lesson on relationships! It deals with the importance of empathy, or walking in someone else’s shoes. Afterward, kids are encouraged to participate in a Compassion Challenge.

7. Stay Focused

Use this lesson (and game) to help preteens pay attention to their friendship with God. The Bible-based discussion questions are age-appropriate. And they’re sure to get kids talking!

8. Growing Disciples

Solid youth lessons on relationships apply the Bible to kids’ daily lives. This one uses Jesus’ visit with Mary and Martha in Luke 10:38-42. It emphasizes the importance of prioritizing friendship (and time spent) with God.

9. Overflowing Blessings

Use this resource with high schoolers who want a deeper relationship with God. It explores seven practical ways to grow closer to Jesus. (And it highlights all the blessings that result.) Hint: Prayer, worship, and serving all play important roles.

Enjoy using these youth lessons on relationships in your ministry!

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