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Youth Lessons on Relationships: 9 Ministry Resources for Teens

youth lessons on relationships

Because relationships are such a big part of adolescence, youth lessons on relationships are always needed. From friendships to romantic pairings to a relationship with God, teens have relationships on the brain—and heart. They also have tons of questions about how to manage, nurture, and grow relationships. When friendships falter, kids need advice and support.

The Bible is filled with advice about how to relate to one another and to God. So use preteen and youth lessons on relationships in your meetings and small-group studies. If you’re hosting a retreat or lock-in, a Bible study about relationships is sure to be a hit as well.

We’ve compiled a bunch of free youth lessons on relationships to get you started. Be sure to share your favorite ministry resources in the comments below!

9 Resources for Youth Lessons on Relationships

Take a look at these sites and materials. Consider which ones will work best with your group of kids. Feel free to adapt the lessons and mix and match!

1. Connect

This four-week series of youth lessons on relationships focuses on friendships, relationships, and connections. Topics include connecting to God the Father, to friends, to “frenemies,” and to faith.

2. Knock Down or Build Up

Use this object lesson-slash-game to supplement youth lessons on relationships. In a fun way, it demonstrates the importance of healthy, positive friendships.

3. Plundered by a Frenemy

Use this Bible-based lesson to discuss people who can be tough to love and interact with. Teens will learn that even a broken friendship can yield valuable insights. They’ll also discover the power of forgiveness when it comes to relationships.