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Youth Lessons on Depression: Help Teens Find Hope, New Life in Jesus

youth lessons on depression

Unfortunately, depression has reached epidemic levels, especially among young people. So it’s important for youth workers to reach out to teens and parents. You can offer love, support, a listening ear, and helpful resources. Youth lessons on depression can be a key component of that effort.

Teens seem increasingly receptive to discussions about mental health and self-care. They also need to hear scriptural insights about emotional challenges, including depression and anxiety. Because of sin, people made in God’s image sometimes despair to the point of considering suicide.

Use youth lessons on depression to provide students practical, life-saving insights. Let teens know they are God’s precious children. Offer to walk beside them when they’re hurting. And don’t hesitate to refer kids and families to professionals when necessary.

Youth lessons on depression share the joy and full life Jesus provides. Many resources are available online—often for free. We’ve gathered nine Bible-based lesson plans on depression. Adapt them to fit your kids’ ages and needs. Use these resources as a springboard for your youth group messages, small-group discussions, and more.

9 Youth Lessons on Depression

1. Joy Amid Trials

This Bible study offers insights about coping when life gets tough.

2. When God Seems Far Away

Although human emotions are fickle, God is steadfast and always present. Explore important Scriptures and questions with this youth lesson on depression.

3. Spiritual Effects of Depression

Depression is a weapon of the enemy. Discover how to fight back with God’s help.

4. Scriptures for Depressed Teens

God cares about our emotional health and wholeness. Show kids what the Bible says about these topics.