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Boundaries for Teenagers: 16 Resources for Guiding Youth

boundaries for teenagers

Why are boundaries for teenagers so essential? Why do we need to teach kids about the blessings of limits?

Read on to learn the importance of this biblical concept. And discover loads of solid resources for youth ministers and parents!

Boundaries for Teenagers

Although teenagers tend to complain about boundaries, most would admit that having no boundaries would be worse. Instead of being limiting, loving boundaries guide young people as they grow into adulthood. So don’t delay when teaching boundaries for teenagers!

Here’s a helpful analogy from youth pastor Jeremy Zach. He suggests that today’s teens are like a certain cartoon character, at least regarding spirituality. “Curious George was curious, but his curiosity got him in trouble,” writes Zach. “American teenagers are spiritually curious and want to experiment with their spiritual life. But teens are scared they might get in trouble if they experiment too much—just like Curious George did.”

That’s why boundaries and spiritual disciplines are key, Zach notes. That way, teens can have safe spaces to be curious about matters of faith and life. They need to be intentional about experiencing God and have boundaries for exploring his world.

Next, let’s explore great resources for teaching boundaries to youth!

Resources: Boundaries for Teenagers

Check out these 16 sites and sources, most of which are free. Use and adapt them in your church, youth ministry, and homes. Then, in the comments, share your favorite materials related to boundaries for teenagers!

1. The Christian Concept of Boundaries

Explore why setting boundaries is biblical and godly.

2. Jesus, the Boundary-Setter

Learn the many ways Jesus set boundaries during his ministry. Then help teens follow his example!

3. Scripture Passages About Boundaries

Find out what the Bible says about boundaries in several areas.

4. More Biblical Boundary Info

Dive deeper into what God’s Word teaches about the benefits of boundaries.

5. The Role of Bridges

See why it might be better to build a bridge than establish a boundary.