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Bible Verses for Teen Boys: Share God’s Good News With Guys

Bible verses for teen boys
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Keep lists of Bible verses for teen boys and girls handy. Then you can easily share God’s Word with young people in a variety of settings. If time is short, reference lists of brief but life-changing Scripture for teens and young adults. Then encourage kids to dive deeper into the context later. Better yet, offer to explore the entire chapter and Bible book with them.

Bible verses for teen boys and girls are vital for spiritual outreach and growth. Unfortunately, biblical literacy is declining among American teens. As research shows, Christian youth say they admire and value God’s Word but don’t engage with it very often.

Use Bible verses for teen boys and girls for many purposes. Those include support and encouragement, teaching and training, and hope and joy. Tailor the passages to the needs of individual teens and to your youth group as a whole. These Bible verses are also ideal for memorization. So consider incorporating that into your youth gatherings.

We’ve collected a range of Bible verses for teen boys. Some are thematic or topical. In the comments below, share your favorite Scriptures with youth ministry colleagues!

9 Sets of Bible Verses for Teen Boys

1. Faith Builders for Teen Boys

Turn to these seven Scriptures to help young people grow closer to Jesus.

2. Daily Dose of Encouragement

Use these 17 Bible verses to uplift teenagers with God’s truths.

3. Verses for Teen Guys

For the teen boys in your youth group (or for small groups of guys), use these 10 Scriptures.

4. Verses About Self-Worth

Self-worth can be a struggle for both guys and girls. Use these Bible verses to help kids see how much God values them.

5. Bible Verses for Teens to Memorize

These 10 Scriptures are wonderful to commit to memory, no matter your age.