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Outdoor Games for Teenagers: Oodles of Outside Youth Activities

outdoor games for teenagers

Outdoor games for teenagers will be in high demand now that spring is around the corner. When the weather warms up—and when games involve lots of activity or lots of mess—moving them outside is wise. Active games for teens get kids moving, build bonds, and often tie into lesson points.

When kids know they’ll be playing games, having fun, and learning practical Bible truths, they’ll be eager to attend youth group. Plus, they’ll probably bring friends along too!

Online you can find a wide variety of outdoor games for teenagers. We’ve provided a bunch below to help you get started.

  • As you review these outdoor youth group games, consider several factors. For example: How big is your group?
  • What supplies do you have handy?
  • Will you need extra volunteers for certain games?
  • What safety rules do you need to set beforehand?
  • How might the game tie into your weekly lesson or message?

If you do a bit planning, outdoor games for teenagers can be a huge hit. So check out these activities, and get ready for lots of outside fun!

Try These Outdoor Games for Teenagers

Preteens and teens are sure to love these outside games:

At this site, you’ll find all kinds of active outdoor games teens will love.

These outside activities for teens help build bonds among youth group members.

When the sun’s shining and kids need to cool down, play these 10 water games.

When you don’t want kids to get wet, play these 7 fun outdoor games instead.

You’ll need special supplies for these physically active games.