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Riddles for Teens: Fun Brainteasers That Will Spark Kids’ Thinking

riddles for teens

Riddles for teens, you say? Aren’t teenagers too mature (i.e., cool) for brain teasers and clever puzzles? No! In fact, older kids enjoy challenging themselves mentally and competing in friendly races to find solutions. Some riddles for teens spark thinking about logic or formulas; others use word play. Still others are Bible-based riddles and trivia questions.

In youth ministry, use riddles for teens as icebreakers, during games, and to introduce Bible studies and lessons. Ah-ha moments and laughter are guaranteed!

For example, check out these fun riddles for teens:

  • I have no doors, but I have keys. I have no rooms, but I have space. You can enter, but you cannot leave. What am I? (A keyboard)
  • How can someone go for 8 days without sleeping? (By sleeping at night)
  • What do you get in December that you don’t get in any other month? (The letter D)

Riddles for Teens: 9 Sources for Hearty Laughs

To help you quiz your youth group members and get them thinking, we’ve collected a variety of riddles for teens. Search these sites to find riddles that are guaranteed to tickle your teens’ funny bones!

1. Riddles for High School Students

Here you’ll find more than 100 jokes for older kids.

Example: What’s the only word that’s spelled wrong in the dictionary? (Wrong.)

2. Bible Trivia Riddles

These riddles for teens are in the form of Bible trivia. Use them to sharpen your students’ biblical recall.

Example: This king saw a hand writing on the wall. (Belshazzar)

3. Icebreaker Riddles

This site offers 76 riddles to use as crowdbreakers and discussion starters.

Example: What has 13 hearts but no other organs? (A deck of playing cards)

4. Brainteasers for Teens

Other challenging categories at this site include Scavenger Hunt Riddles and Number Riddles.

Example: A man goes out in heavy rain with nothing to protect him from it. His hair doesn’t get wet. How does he do that? (He’s bald.)

5. Teenagers + Riddles = Fun

Use these riddles for teenagers for some friendly competitions.

Example: What starts with a P and ends with an X and has hundreds of letters in between? (A postbox)