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Icebreaker Games for Youth: 10 Fun Get-to-Know-You Ideas

icebreaker games for youth

Icebreaker games for youth help kids learn names, meet new friends, and feel more comfortable with one another. These activities are essential for bonding and forming community among teens. This top 10 icebreaker games list includes a variety of fun ideas!

Icebreaker games are popular in youth groups and and at youth events. Sometimes it’s hard to know which icebreaker ideas will be a hit. So we’ve compiled a list of 10 icebreaker games for youth groups.

We chose these ideas based on these criteria: How easy it will be for people who don’t know each other to play. How fun the icebreaker game is. How versatile the game is (i.e., if it works with both small and large groups). And, most importantly, whether it will actually break the ice or just lead to more awkwardness.

10 Fun Icebreaker Games for Youth

10. Ultimate Icebreaker

While maybe not technically an icebreaker, this game takes the term “icebreaker” literally. And for that awesome interpretation, it makes our list of icebreaker games for youth. Each team must melt a block of ice that has clothing frozen into it. The first team to put on the clothing wins!

9. Teeth

Teeth requires group members to already be a bit comfortable with one another. But it’s a good game to loosen up people, even if they’re already friends. It provides a whole lot of laughs and good times.

8. Blow Wind Blow

This is one of the more laid-back icebreaker games in this list. It’s a great low-pressure game to mix people around. It provides easy opportunities to spark up conversations or to sit next to someone you might not know.

7. Secret Identity

This is a good youth group game to get teens mingling. That’s why it features in our list of favorite icebreakers for youth groups. When attendees haven’t spoken to each other, this game works well.

6. Remember Me?

Do you struggle to remember names? Then this icebreaker is for you! “Remember Me?” is a great game to introduce new people into a youth group. It also gives them a chance to remember names.